Notice on change of government fee in Japan

Hideo Furutani, Patent Attoney
June 25,2003

1. Basic change

(1) Applications which are filed on or after April 1,2004 are subjected to the revised governmant fee. In the revised government fee, the examination fee which should be paid when an examination is requested will increase, and the patent fee which should be paid to issue and maintain the patent will decrease. See JPO's announce

(2) applications which are filed before April 1,2004 are subjected to the existing government fee.

2. Exceptions

If the application is filed before April 1,2004 and the request for examination is filed on or after April1,2004, the existing cheaper examination fee and the revied cheaper patent fee is applied to the application.

If you have an application or applications which have already been filed or which you were planning to file before April 1,2004, you had better postpone filing the requests for examination for these applications until April 1,2004 unless you need to obtain the patent quickly.


(C)2003 Hideo Furutani. The author is a patent attorney with the company Furutani Patent Office, Osaka, Japan.


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